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Henriette De Lancastre Antique Print Henriette of England, Lassalle 1852



A beautiful fine lithographic portrait print.

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Henriette De Lancastre Antique Print Henriette of England, Lassalle 1852

Title: Henriette de Langcastre

A beautiful fine lithographic portrait print in a medallion floral garlands, all beautifully colored and embellished with gold text, according to the designs of Louis Lassalle.

Henriette Anne of England, commonly called Henriette, born June 16, 1644. She is the youngest child of Charles I of England and Henrietta Maria de Bourbon.
His childhood was not the happiest: she was born in the midst of civil war. In a Protestant country, the queen, who is Catholic and that the king accepts everything, unleashed uprisings.
To avoid being taken prisoner or killed, Henrietta Maria to leave her husband to flee to France with little Henriette will be abandoned by his mother.
The princess was raised by his housekeeper and his brother Charles, who had to flee England too.
The little girl will be traumatized by the sight of his mother mourning the death of King Charles I was beheaded in 1649.
Henriette thinks a moment marry his cousin Louis XIV but had to settle for his younger brother, Philippe, Duke of Orleans. Married in 1661, the union is not happy.
However, Philip shows very pleased with this marriage. Among other things, the new Duchess of Orleans, called "Madam" is much prettier than the Queen Maria Theresa of Austria who married the Sun King in 1660.
Louis XIV could not believe the beauty of Henriette turned into a lovely young woman.

High quality Original lithographic print.
No reprint, no facsimile.

Sheet app.: 26 x 17 cm. 6.75 x 10.25 inches.
Condition: View very good, light marginal staining in borders, verso Blanco.