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Inscriptiones Citienses - Citium Kition Cyprus Old print 1780
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Inscriptiones Citienses Citium Kition Cyprus Old Print 1780



Title: Inscriptiones Citienses.


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Inscriptiones Citienses Citium Kition Cyprus Old Print 1780

Title: Inscriptiones Citienses.

Description: Inscriptiones Citienses Ancient Inscriptions Citium, Kition Cyprus near modern Larnaca by Paddenburg 1780.
The print is an hand-colored copperplate engraving date as listed.

The earliest remains at Citium are those of an Aegean colony of the Mycenaean Age (c. 1400–1100 bc).
The biblical name Kittim, representing Citium, was also used for Cyprus as a whole.
A Phoenician dedication to the god “Baal of Lebanon,” found at Citium, suggests that the city may have belonged to Tyre; and an official monument of the Assyrian king Sargon II indicates that Citium was the administrative centre of Cyprus during the Assyrian protectorate (709–c. 668 bc).
During the Greek revolts of 499, 386 and following years, and 353 bc, Citium led the side loyal to Persia.
It remained an important city even after Alexander the Great conquered Persia.
Citium suffered repeatedly from earthquakes, however, and in medieval times its harbour became silted and the population moved to Larnaca.

Paddenburg, Bosch en Arrenburg, de Bruyn, 1780.
From: Richard Pococke, 'Beschryving van het Oosten, en van eenige andere landen'.

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